Siemens Signia Pure Nx Hearing Aid (Premium)
Siemens Signia Pure Nx Hearing Aid (Premium)
Siemens Signia Pure Nx Hearing Aid (Premium)
Siemens Signia Pure Nx Hearing Aid (Premium)
Siemens Signia Pure Nx Hearing Aid (Premium)
Siemens Signia Pure Nx Hearing Aid (Premium)
Siemens Signia Pure Nx Hearing Aid (Premium)
Siemens Signia Pure Nx Hearing Aid (Premium)

Siemens Signia Pure Nx Hearing Aid (Premium)

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Production Information

The Signia Pure Nx 3 is the latest and most premium solution from Signia brand – formerly known as Siemens. It made great strides forward in made for iPhone hearing aids. Some of the top features of the new Nx Models are:

  • Direct Streaming to iPhone & Streamline T.V.
  • High Definition Ear to Ear Binaural processing (HDe2e)
  • Own Voice Processing (OVP)
  • Tinnitus Notch Therapy
  • First to Use iPhone Motion sensors.

Their latest Nx platform (Chip Set) is split into three technology levels; Nx 7 (Premium), Nx 5 Advanced and Nx 3 (Midrange). They call their Insio for custom in the canal hearing aids (ITC, CIC, IIC), Motion for their behind the ear (BTE) hearing aids and Pure for different receiver in the canal style hearing aids (RIC/RITE).


Siemens has a long history of rechargeable hearing aids and Signia was the second to launch Lithium-ion rechargeable with the introduction of the Cellion receiver in the canal models. Their latest rechargeable on the Nx platform is called the Pure Charge and Go.

The Rechargeable devices are user-friendly in that they offer an automatic on and off function. You simply place them in the charger and they switch off and switch on upon removal from the charger. Not all brands do this which is some users can find frustrating.

OVP, Own Voice Processing:

The change in the sound quality or volume of one’s own voice when wearing hearing aids can be quite disconcerting especially for first time users. To overcome this problem Signia have developed a system they call Own Voice Processing (OVP) which processesthe wearers voice completely separately from all other sounds to keep it as natural sounding as possible.

Using their ultra high definition ear to ear binaural link (HDe2e). Continuous full-bandwidth audio exchange enables dynamic scanning and processing of the wearer’s own voice completely independently from all other sounds, including all other voices.

During the fitting your clinician will conduct a training phase where the system will analyse your voice as you count out aloud. As a result the hearing system will calibrate in a way that will be able to keep your own voice relatively natural and comfortable whilst still amplifying other people’s speech appropriately.

Signia claim their OVP will dramatically improve the users own voice and first time acceptance. You will simply not be aware of your voice in the usual way that you are when wearing hearing aids.

The 3D Classifier:

The 3D Classifier analyses many factors of the user's environment and communication behaviour. It uses information on the user's voice activity, their motion and sound data to tailor the hearing aids response to better suit the user's needs. The feature automatically changes the parameters of the hearing aids to ensure better hearing in changing environments.

Two Radios:

Like the Oticon Opn and the Widex Beyond, the Signia Nx platform has two wireless radios, the Bluetooth radio and the proprietary Signia wireless system. This approach brings real benefits, it ensures that the outstanding ear to ear features can still run even if you are streaming audio or taking a phone call.

Direct Connection:

They have expanded their Bluetooth system across this range, offering direct connection with all of the devices. Their original offering, the Pure 13 BT which was released on the Primax platform was very well received, the system was innovative in that it used the sensors on the iPhone to assess the forward movement of a user. This allowed the hearing aids to change how they were processing sound. This system and feature set has now been expanded across the new range of hearing aids.

Telecare 3.0:

This is a really interesting development, Signia has made the Telecare service a live service.

They were initially the first hearing aid brand to offer Telecare with a limited fine-tuning option. Signia though quickly expanded that fine-tuning option and added video calling to the system. Now they have enabled full live remote tuning with video support which is a pretty huge breakthrough.

The new service means that you can set-up a video call with your hearing professional and explain the issue you are having in the situation you are having it in. While you are connected, your hearing professional can tweak your hearing aid’s settings live and you can quickly assess if they are better.

So for the first time ever, it’s possible to have a provider to fine-tune your hearing aids while you are in the listening environments that matter to you.

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