Best Hearing Aids

Best Hearing Aids


Specialists in Premium Hearing Aid Technology

Premium Hearing Aids Made Affordable

Hearing Aid Hero has been developed to provide:

- Top of the line "Premium" hearing aids at affordable (low end) prices &

- Easy access to professional services that maximise benefits for years to come

At Hearing Aid Hero we understand that your primary sense of hearing directly effects your communication ability, relationships and overall quality of life. By specialising in only the best hearing aid technology and innovative services we ensure maximum long term benefits.

Your vital sense of hearing deserves the best & high inflated hearing aid prices should not force you to settle for de-featured or lower levels of technology. We only source the top end "Premium" hearing aids from the leading European brands of Phonak, Oticon, Resound, Widex, Unitron, Signia & Bernafon and American brand Starkey.

"So much more than another faceless online store."

Our low prices are upfront and transparent. Our evolving website serves as a resource for current products, information and as a platform from which to launch our Remote Care (tele-health) services.

Tailoring a Hearing Solution to You

We enjoy getting to know you and finding out about your unique communication needs, lifestyle and preferences. This enables us to tailor a hearing aid solution that best meets your needs. Our innovative Remote Care service enables us to fine tune hearing aids in your home, office or any communication environment of your choice. In other words the fine tuning occurs in your ‘real world’ in ‘real time’. You no longer have to just hope that the settings in a Clinician’s quiet office translates to benefits in your everyday life environments.

Our Values and Beliefs

We believe that your vital sense of hearing deserves the very best hearing aid technology, it should be affordable and you should have easy access to professional services that maximise benefits.

"Simply the Best for Much Less!"

With Hearing Aid Hero you avoid the confusion and controversy and simply acquire the best hearing aid technology available for your needs. You can expect to acquire the latest Premium level hearing aids at about the same price you would pay for most of our Australian competitors mid-range hearing aids.You will literally save around 50% or up to $6000 on a pair of Premium hearing aids and have access to professional services to help them work optimally.

Avoid the sub-optimal confusion

Most of our competitors adopt confusing names for their numerous tiers of technology they offer such as; Premium, Advanced, Upper-Mid Range, Lower Mid, Basic and Essential. Some of them use the names of precious metals to represent the technology levels for example Platinum, Diamond, Gold, Silver, Copper & Bronze.  Corporate chain dispensers such as those that sell both glasses and hearing aids use re-named or ‘white labelled’ versions of models to make it difficult for the consumer to compare 'like for like' levels of hearing aid technology.

No confounding Mega-Menus

With us you aren’t overwhelmed or confused by Mega menus showing every hearing aid model and level of technology ever made. You don’t risk attaining sub-optimal or super-ceded models. You can be confident you are attaining the latest and very best for your vital hearing sense.

Making it fair for the self funded Individual 

In Australia people on the Pension can attain a grant of approximately $1300 to $1500 toward hearing aids if they are eligible for a Hearing Services Voucher. Where as self funded individuals do not receive any government subsidy. Is this is fair? Our low hearing aid prices see you benefit from high end hearing aids at prices significantly lower than those subsidised by the government at most Australian hearing clinics.

Health Insurance Refunds

We are aligned with most Australian private health insurance funds. Upon any hearing aid purchase we will provide you with a comprehensive invoice/receipt with accompanying Audiology report required to receive the private health fund rebate you are eligible for. Most people attain close to $1000 refund from their private health insurance fund making our premium hearing aids and services even more affordable.

At Hearing Aid Hero we strive to provide you with the latest hearing aid models (name brand only) from the leading brands at the most affordable prices in Australia. Our sense of hearing is a primary sense (like vision) and should be given the best chance to work optimally.

Interest Free Payment Plans

With our Latitude Pay Finance you can choose the duration that you find comfortable paying for your hearing aids. You can nominate 6, 12 or 24 monrths and there's Zero (0%) interest!

Who We Are

At Hearing Aid Hero we are Independent, Qualified Audiologists that provide Top-of-the-line or Premium hearing aids from leading brands. They are the latest name brand models handpicked for the excellent outcomes they produce when coupled with professional services.


Who We are not:

We are not unqualified hearing aids dispensers/salespeople that have the goal of selling any hearing aid or level of technology just to make a sale.

We do not sell rebranded or “White labelled” hearing aids like some of the large commercial chains. They use generic names for technology levels such as Super Elite, Elite or Gold, Silver and Bronze. They do this to make it impossible for the customer to compare technology levels or new versus old technology.

Know Your Hearing Aid Model: Our models, their names and low prices are upfront and on display throughout our online Shop. So, there’s no risk of attaining superseded or de-featured models through baffling mega-menu’s and made up categories.

Why Settle for Anything Less than the Best?

If you don’t want the best hearing aids at outstanding low prices and are willing to compromise on your hearing and communication ability, then you may be better off going to one of our competitors. They are happy to sell you any level of hearing aid technology from any brand. This being the case you also have to question the level of service and after sales support you are likely to receive.

Our Brands

Our practice has a supply with numerous world leading manufacturers including; Oticon, Signia, Phonak, Unitron, GN Resound, Siemens, Starkey, Widex and Bernafon.

Qualified Registered Audiologists

Audiologist’s at Hearing Aid Hero strive to provide a personalised hearing rehabilitation program. This often includes matching the best hearing aids or assistive listening device to each individual’s unique hearing levels, communication needs, lifestyle conditions, style preferences and budget.

Rachel Client Services Officer

Our Simple Process


Hearing Test

Send Us Your Hearing Test



We Program Your New Hearing Aids



Receive Hearing Aids At Your Door



Hear The World Again At A Fraction Of The Cost!

Our Mission & Values

Our mission is to ensure best long term outcomes for all our clients. We believe peoples well being should come before profit. We value professionalism and being the best value.


Qualified Registered Audiologists

  • Independent, Australian Family Owned and Operated.
  • The Latest Technology from All Leading Hearing Aid Brands
  • Lowest Hearing Aid Prices (Price beat Guarantee)
  • Payment Plans Available
  • Top Audiologists (University Qualified & Registered)
  • Exquisite Clinics Australia Wide
  • Unique Remote Care & Support Services (No Smart Phone or App Required)
  • Open & Transparent Hearing Aid Prices
  • Unbundled Service Packages to choose from.

Private Health Insurance Rebates

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