How Our Services Work

How Our Services Work

You can receive services from our highly experienced Audiologists in two main ways.

We recommend using our convenient Remote Care service. This is a form of tele-health also called tele-Audiology. You have an online Virtual appointment with our Audiologist who talks with you via live Video chat. A first complimentary appointment is scheduled to discuss your hearing loss concerns, learn about your communication needs, lifestyle and hearing aid style preference if they are required. Hearing and communication goals are documented. The Audiologist can tour you through our online shop to help you select which hearing aids may suit your needs.

You then purchase a pair the pair of hearing aids from the online shop with the guarantee that this is a 30 day trial basis. 100% of your money will be refunded should you not want to keep the hearing aids.

A second online appointment is then scheduled once you have taken delivery of the hearing aids. During this online appointment the Audiologist will test your hearing using the very hearing aids we intend to fit.The hearing aids themselves produce the test tones and a graph called a Sense-gram is produced. It shows your hearing sensitivity across the frequency range. 

The Senso-gram is ideal for programming the hearing aids to your hearing levels as the same acoustic coupling used to produce the test tones will now produce the beneficial amplification. This technique eliminates electro-acoustic coupling errors that can occur when a traditional hearing test is conducted under headphones in a sound proof booth. 

Furthermore the hearing aids are being programmed and fine tuned in real time to your real world listening environment be it at your home, office or any communication of your choosing. Typically hearing aids are programmed in a clinicians quiet office and you just have to hope that the settings translate to effective performance in your every day life environments. This way you know instantly whether the fine tuning is suitable or not and can relay that feedback to your Audiologists.

A third online follow up appointment is scheduled approximate 30 days after the initial fitting. We review your communication goals and determine the level of benefit attained. You have the option of returning the hearing aids for a full refund should you decide the benefits don't warrant the investment. This third appointment also affords more coaching and fine tuning as required. 

Beyond the fitting and trial period you also receive ongoing online support as required. In fact the Hearing Aid Hero bundle now comes with two years of unlimited support whenever its required. 

G.P. Ear Canal Check & Wax Removal

Prior to embarking on our Remote Care service we recommend you see you G.P. to have your ear canals checked and cleared of wax and debris. Also disclose any ear health concerns you may have.  Typically this is free of charge as it is bulk billed through Medicare.


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