Amazing Benefits Of Remote Care

Amazing Benefits Of Remote Care

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Better hearing has never been so easy with Hearing Aid Hero’s innovative Remote Care (Tele-Health) methods of hearing service delivery.

The Hero Bundle now comes with two years of on-demand Audiology care. This is more convenient and affordable than repeated visits to a hearing clinic.

If you feel you would like expert in-person service we will refer you to one of our Nation wide partner hearing clinics.


Great benefits of our Remote Care

  • Improved Access: You save time, money and effort compared to having to travel to a clinic. Instead you can access our Audiologist from where ever you are and when it is convenient. Simply make contact with us via email or call to schedule a virtual appointment, just as you would for a clinic visit. Just think, no commute time, expense of parking hassles. You receive the face to face service you require in the most time and energy efficient manner. Especially beneficial if you have mobility issues or live remotely. clinic.
  • Safe: You receive the professional care you need in the safety and comfort of your own home or office. No need to risk visiting a busy clinic!

  • Your Real World Programming Your hearing aids are programmed, fine-tuned and personalised in your unique communication environments. Various acoustic conditions can readily be accounted for. Hearing aids are traditionally and erroneously programmed in a clinician’s quiet office and you just have to hope that the adjustments translate into everyday life or ‘real-world’ improvements. With our remote adjustments occurring in your place you immediately know whether an adjustment just made has made a difference for the better.
  • Real Time Programming: In line with the previous point your hearing aids are adjusted and fine tuned immediately to your needs. Our highly experienced Audiologist listens carefully to your feedback to guide the further fine tuning and optimisation of the hearing aid settings. This type of immediate feedback is only afforded through our ‘real time’ and ‘real world’ programming. For example after an adjustment in your home simply walk around the house and talk with your wife or loved ones even with the TV going and relay the feedback immediately to our online Audiologist to further guide the fine tuning.

  • Cost Efficient - Save Money! Our Remote Care is proven to reduce the cost of hearing care and increase efficiency. As well as no travel time/expense we can provide the very best model hearing aids such as Phonak Marvel, Oticon Opn or Signia Xperience at some of the lowest hearing aid prices on the market. This is partly due to lower overheads of managing a traditional hearing clinic which means the savings are passed on to you and you still receive optimised top quality hearing aids and an Audiologists care.
  • Improved Quality: Studies have shown that the quality of healthcare services delivered via tele-medicine are as good as those given in traditional in-person consultations. In some specialties including Audiology you are afforded more frequent & timely access to our care. Our In-Situ or Senso-gram hearing test makse for more accurate and personalised hearing

Our Remote Hearing Test: The Senso-gram

Our Senso-gram or In-Situ Gram Hearing Test makes for more accurate hearing aid fittings, Here's Why:

An effective way to have your hearing levels tested is with the pair of modern digital hearing aids you would like to be fitted with.

Our online Audiologist will test your hearing by having the hearing aids you wear produce the test tones in your ears. You simply respond every time you hear a tone.

A graph called a Senso-gram is plotted which shows your hearing sensitivity across the frequency range in each ear. The Senso-gram is directly used to program the hearing aids to your hearing levels.

Using the Senso-gram is a more accurate method of hearing aid programming than using traditional Audiometric thresholds from a headphone test for the following reasons:

- There is no coupler volume differences. The acoustic coupling volume of the hearing aid dome or custom mould is identical. Where-as test headphones have a much larger volume when coupled to the ear. This coupling volume difference can result in different measured hearing thresholds.

- Differences due to intentional sound leakage with vents or un-intentional sound leakage.

- Unique resistance (impedance) of the individuals middle ear system to sound at different frequencies.

- Associated resonances with the use of ear mould tubes. These are some of the variables that can contribute to changes in the Sound Pressure Level (SPL) in the ear canal.

A traditional Audiogram is important for diagnosing the nature of the hearing loss and identifying underlying ear health conditions that may need Specialist intervention.

However our Senso-gram is more accurate for hearing aid fittings as there are no electro-acoustic discrepancies. The very acoustic coupling of the hearing aid/s to the ear delivers the test tones as well as the directly calculated amplification.


Submit Your Hearing Test For Review

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