Best Hearing Aids Prices Perth

Best Hearing Aids Prices Perth

 At Hearing Aid Hero we are dedicated to providing the best hearing aids from leading brands at the lowest prices in Perth and across Australia. We specialise in providing the latest Premium and advanced models from trusted European brands including Phonak, Oticon, Signia, Widex, Unitron and Bernafon. Also high end hearing aids from American brand Starkey.

We believe that your primary sense of hearing should be given the best care and technology for the greatest long term benefits. High hearing aid prices should not be a barrier to you accessing the best. Why should only the wealthy access the best hearing health care and technologies? With Hero you attain new Premium and Advanced hearing aid models at approximately 50% of the price you would pay at most Australian hearing clinics. 

By coupling the best hearing aid technology with our innovative services we are confident that you will attain the greatest long term benefits. We offer a convenient Remote Care (Tele-Health) service. This takes the form of a virtual appointment with our highly experienced Audiologist. You talk via live video chat and can have your hearing tested, hearing aids accurately programmed in the comfort of your own home. You can also be coached in the confident use and management of the hearing aids through easy live video chat.

In-person service and ongoing support is provided through our partner clinics located across the Perth metropolitan area. A partner is Harmony Hearing & Audiology who have branches in Shenton Park, Osborne Park, Fremantle and Mundaring. 

We are happy to educate you as to the technological features and benefits of Premium and Advanced hearing aid technology. All are clients are guided to make  an informed choice. You can book a free consultation with our Audiologist who is happy to discuss your hearing concerns, communication and lifestyle needs, style preferences and budget. 

There's no time like the present to take action and remedy the adverse effect of hearing loss. Your deserve the best! Not only for yourself but for your loved ones and all the significant others you interact with in everyday life.

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