Hearing Aid Remote Care Benefits

Hearing Aid Remote Care Benefits


The Benefits of Our Hearing Aid Remote Care are Clearer Than Ever

In light of the COVID-19 pandemic I'd like to share some tips and resources to help people living with hearing loss attain quality online services. Many of our clients are more vulnerable and have a greater need for effective communication at home. So it is more important than ever to make our services accessible remotely. Hearing Aid Hero’s Remote Care Services aim to:

  • Extend our services beyond appointments in the clinic.

  • Attain more motivated and satisfied clients.

  • Develop long term, trusting relationship with our clients.

  • Empower our clients to self-manage their hearing loss through our online resources.

Services We Can Deliver Remotely:

  • Accurate Hearing Tests - Senso-Gram

  • Hearing Aid Programming & Fine Tuning

  • Coaching in Hearing Aid Management and Communication Strategies

  • Tinnitus ManagementBenefits of Our Remote Care Service:

Unique Benefits of Our Remote Care:

Real Word Programming: Hearing aids can be fined tuned and personalised in your communication environment such as at work or home.

Real Time Programming: You hearing aids can be adjusted immediately based on your feedback. Simply walk around your home or office after an adjustment and let your Audiologist know whether it made an improvement or not. This truly facilitates a fine-tuning process that could never previously be attained.

Ease Of Access: You save time, money and effort travelling to the clinic. Instead you can access your Audiologist from where ever and whenever it is convenient. Simply schedule the virtual appointment as you would an “in clinic visit.” Just think no commute time, traffic or parking hassles. Purely time and energy efficient immediate service.

Safe: Adheres to principals of responsible social distancing during the Covid 19 Crisis

Mediums of Communication: 

We can communicate with Video Chat, Phone Calls, Email, Text and Video Tutorials. We want to empower our clients to actively participate in their hearing health care. 

Remote Care Considerations  When considering remote programming please keep in mind that not all hearing aids have remote programming capabilities. If you are interested in a particular hearing aid model or style please contact us for advise if you are wondering if they can be remotely programmed.

Video Conferencing platforms

Video conferencing is a great way to have a face to face interaction with our Audiologist or clinician. It helps us personalise your care which is all important for success with hearing aids and rehabilitation. We educate and coach you in the effective use and management of hearing aids and associated accessories. Communication strategies and training can also be provide to you and your partners.

Medically Compliant: Zoom, Doxy, Theraplatform These Video conferencing systems come with live text chat, real time captioning and screen sharing. These options usually charge subscription fees but offer free trials.

Free Video Chat Options: Google Hangouts, Skype, Zoom free trial Live Video chat with captioning  and screen sharing

FaceTime & Google Duo: Simpler with just Video & Audio. FaceTime is only for iPhone users whereas Google Duo is for both Android & iPhone users & uses a phone number. 

There is more opportunity for you to check in and track your hearing outcomes and make sure we are really reaching your hearing and communication goals. Through online coaching we aim to help you become independent in managing your hearing aids. Instructional Videos Over time we will be uploading coaching videos to our website and Harmony Hearing partner website. How-to-video's will be provided for even simple tasks such as hearing aid battery changes and wa guard changes. There are many resources available on YouTube already. 

Remote Programming for Hearing Aids

Most of the leading hearing aid brands have Remote Care or Tele-Health capabilities embedded in their recent hearing aid models. There are a couple things to check before using them. We can help you check whether you have a suitable smartphone and that the feature is activated.  Alternative we have developed our own method of remote programming independent of using a smart phone. Current Remote Programming Platforms by Hearing Aid Brand

  • Oticon Remote Care accessed through Oticon Remote Care App.

  • Phonak Remote Support accessed through MyPhonak Smart App.

  • Signia Tele-Care accessed through the Signia App.

  • Resound Remote Assist accessed through the Smart 3D App.

  • Starkey Hearing Care Anywhere accessed through the Thrive App.

  • Widex Remote Care accessed through the Widex Remote Care App.      

You can be confident you are now ready for Hearing Aid Hero's Remote Care. If you would like more information or have any queries feel free to email me at help@hearingaidhero.com.au or simply call 1800 007 006. I am happy to help!

Our Mission & Values

Our mission is to ensure best long term outcomes for all our clients. We believe peoples well being should come before profit. We value professionalism and being the best value.


Qualified Registered Audiologists

  • Independent, Australian Family Owned and Operated.
  • The Latest Technology from All Leading Hearing Aid Brands
  • Lowest Hearing Aid Prices (Price beat Guarantee)
  • Payment Plans Available
  • Top Audiologists (University Qualified & Registered)
  • Exquisite Clinics Australia Wide
  • Unique Remote Care & Support Services (No Smart Phone or App Required)
  • Open & Transparent Hearing Aid Prices
  • Unbundled Service Packages to choose from.