Best Hearing aids Applecross

Best Hearing aids Applecross

Hearing Aid Hero is dedicated at providing the best hearing aids at the lowest prices in Applecross and across Australia. We specialise in Premium and Advanced models from trusted European brands including Oticon, Signia, Phonak, Resound, Unitron, Widex, Bernafon and leading American brand Starkey.  Only the latest models are supplied.

Our low hearing aid prices see you attain new Premium and Advanced models at approximately 50% of what you would pay at most Australian hearing clinics. We don't want to just sell everything to anyone just to make a sale. We are known for only providing the best technology and innovative service so our clients become and advocate to the friends, family and significant others that hearing aids  provide amazing life changing benefits. If you are willing to settle for second best and don't highly value your sense of hearing then perhaps you are better off seeing one of our competitors that are happy to provide lower end technology and service.

By specialising in the best hearing aids on the market we are confident you will attain the greatest benefits and satisfaction for years to come. We believe that high hearing aid prices should not be a barrier to you having the best technology available for your primary sense of hearing. Why should only the wealthy have the best hearing health care and technology?

Over a decade of experience in hearing health care in Australian hearing clinics and our research has provided overwhelming evidence that people who choose high end hearing aid technology attain the greatest rates of satisfaction. They want to wear their hearing aids a bigger proportion of each waking day. Communicate more effectively and confidently in complex communication environments with more competing background noise. They report more listening comfort with reduced irritation due to invasive environmental noises. Generally  find them more physically and acoustically comfortable. Report greater ability to localise where sounds are coming from and separate speech sound from competing noise. 

We are happy to educate you as to the technological features and benefits of Premium and Advanced hearing aid technology. All are clients are guided to make  an informed choice. You can book a free consultation with our highly experienced Audiologist. He is happy to discuss your hearing concerns, communication and lifestyle needs, style preferences and budget. 

There's no time like the present to take action and remedy hearing loss for yourself and all the significant others you interact with in everyday life.

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