Unitron Moxi Blu BR 9 Hearing Aid
Unitron Moxi Blu BR 9 Hearing Aid
Unitron Moxi Blu BR 9 Hearing Aid
Unitron Moxi Blu BR 9 Hearing Aid
Unitron Moxi Blu BR 9 Hearing Aid
Unitron Moxi Blu BR 9 Hearing Aid
Unitron Moxi Blu BR 9 Hearing Aid
Unitron Moxi Blu BR 9 Hearing Aid
Unitron Moxi Blu BR 9 Hearing Aid
Unitron Moxi Blu BR 9 Hearing Aid
Unitron Moxi Blu BR 9 Hearing Aid
Unitron Moxi Blu BR 9 Hearing Aid
Unitron Moxi Blu BR 9 Hearing Aid

Unitron Moxi Blu BR 9 Hearing Aid

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Unitron Moxi Blu are the latest flagship model from leading brand Unitron from manufacture Sonova. Designed to be fully automatic hearing aids for hassle free hearing all day no matter what the listening environment. They are known for their crisp natural sound quality and their ability to stream audio hands free from all phones.

They possess much of the same hardware as their sister company Phonak's latest Paradise hearing aids. This includes PRISM™ chipset and Integra OS signal processing. The chip offers twice the processing capacity as the previous flagship model the Discover.  As fully automatic hearing aids Blu are designed for "set and forget" hassle free listening throughout the day.

In the Moxi Blu family there are three different Receiver-in-Canal (RIC) hearing aids, two of which are rechargeable:

Unitron Moxi Blu B-R (rechargeable)
Unitron Moxi Blu B-RT (Rechargeable with a Telecoil)
Unitron Blu Moxi B-312 (uses a disposable 312 battery)
A Broad Fitting Range
Blu can fit a wide range of hearing loss with its powerful amplifier and four receivers (speaker unit) strengths with an ultra power speaker (UP) that can fit up to profound hearing loss.
Made for All Phones (MFA)
Like Paradise the Blu carry on Sonova's Made For all Phones (MFA)  connectivity. Using Bluetooth classic they can connect to and stream audio from Apple IOS and Android devices.  The versatile App can be used to adjust volume, programs, relative treble, mid-range and base to effect sound quality and clarity and more.

The Many Great Attributes of Unitron Moxi Blu

  • Automatic sound processing (Latest Generation)
  • Twice the memory capability of previous chipset (Discover)
  • AutoFocus 360 with dynamic noise reduction (not available on all technology levels)
  • 2 active Bluetooth connections with pairing up to 8 different devices
  • New tap control for connecting to devices
  • New personalization features within the Remote Plus app
  • Slimmer case for wearing comfort and improved cosmetics
  • New connection alerts
  • Improved on-board control button for better tactile input
  • Rechargeable (Lithium Ion Inductive Charging)
  • Crisp and Natural sound
  • Universal connection to smart phones, TV & Roger Accessories.

Technology levels

Unitron Moxi Blu is offered in Four technology levels and price points; Moxi Blu 9 (premium), Moxi Blu 7 (advanced), Moxi Blu  5 (Mid-Range) and Moxi Blu 3 (Basic).

There's a legitimate feature set that varies between the technology levels including the number of available programming channels, classification environments and dynamic noise reduction. Typically the higher levels have a feature set that helps them work more optimally in challenging listening environments with more competing noise. Listening effort is reduced, comfort and speech understanding is improved in noise.

New Features

AutoFocus 360: Requires a binaural fitting (two hearing aids) as it depends on the connected instruments. It analyses input across the four microphone array and adjusts the directionality and noise reduction to optimise speech in noisy environments. Determines where the speech is coming from to maintain the focus on the desirable speech signal. It therefore improves speech understanding and listening comfort in higher noise environments.

Soft Speech Lift: Aims to make soft speech more audible.In the new Integra operating system this feature adds gain (amplification) of up to 4 dB to soft speech in quieter listening environments (below 55 dB SPL).

Spatial Awareness  By using the 4 microphone input array (binaural fitting is required) to provide targeted directionality on the desirable speech signal.

Connectivity for Audio Streaming: You can now stream audio from both Android and Apple IOS devices and phone calls are truly hands free. Your voice is picked up by the hearing aid microphones and relayed off so no need to take your phone out of your pocket or bag. You can also connect to up to eight bluetooth devices simultaneously.

Tap Control: new to Unitron the feature allows accept or reject phone calls, start and stop your audio steaming. You can also access digital mobile assistants such as Siri or Google Assistant by double-tapping the top of your ear.

Remote Plus App: You can readily adjust the hearing aids and set personal preferences using the easy to use Remote Plus App. Quick keys allow you to enhance clarity or comfort within the App. You can also attain Remote Support a form of tele-health  remote assistance from your Clinician if you cant make it into a hearing clinic.

Redesigned Button: The button on the hearing aid have been made 30-60% bigger depending on the RIC model.  This is to improve the ease of use and tactile control.

Slimmer Case : Unitron has always made some of the most petite and cosmetically appealing devices. New Moxi Blu hearing aids are now even slimmer. The top of the aid is reduced by approximately 0.8 mm.

Beautiful Colours:

There are Six appealing colours to choose from; Sand, Platinum, Pewter, Expresso, Charcoal and Amber.

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