Widex Moment 440 m4 RIC 312 D
Widex Moment 440 m4 RIC 312 D
Widex Moment 440 m4 RIC 312 D

Widex Moment 440 m4 RIC 312 D


Widex Moment hearing aids provide a natural and clear sound quality. They minimise the delay of the sound delivered from the hearing aid speaker (receiver) and that of the incoming natural sound that also reaches the ear drum. This eliminates an echo'e sound quality inherent in many hearing aids.

To do this the new Widex Moment micro-chip uses two signal pathways with improvements in processing speed and design. Widex call it ZeroDelay™ technology. Widex claim it processes sound faster than any other digital hearing aid. The processing delay between the microphone and the receiver is reduced below 0.5 milli seconds.

Some of the great Features & Benefits of Premium Widex Moment 440 m4 RIC 312 D include:

  • Pure Sound Technology: Provides the most natural sound for a first time hearing aid user.
  • Take a disposable Zinc Air Battery for close to a week of full daily wear. 
  • 15 Processing Channels:  Enable accurate filtering of competing background noise.
  • 11 Sound Classes: classifies sounds in each unique environment for optimal speech localisation & understanding
  • 12 Fine Tuning Parameters: Allow for the amplification to be accurately shaped to your hearing levels across the frequency range.
  • High Frequency Boost: enable adequate amplification of high frequency speech sounds and musical sounds.
  • Impact Program: A personalised program for people wanting a sharper crisper sound quality.
  • Wind Noise Attenuation: Reduces undesirable wind turbulence by up to 8.4 dB for better speech understanding in windy environments.
  • Speech Enhancer: determines the optimal gain for speech understanding in the current listening environment, taking the client's hearing loss into account.

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