Keep your Hearing Aid performing with these Simple Tips


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Keep your Hearing Aid performing with these Simple Tips

Keep your Hearing Aid performing with these Simple Tips

In a previous article, I mentioned ways on extending the life of your batteries by avoiding moisture situations/environment which will improve your hearing aid performance.

Another cause of reduced hearing aid performance is build-up of ear wax.

The following tips will most certainly make it easier to keep earwax from negatively affecting your hearing aid performance:

  1. Do a regular visual inspection of your hearing aid. This is the best way to take early action to remove dirt or wax buildup.
  2. Your hearing aid probably came with cleaning tools and wax guards or wax filters; these items work wonders in keeping your hearing aid cleaner, longer
  1. It is important to replace your wax guard or wax filter if you can see an accumulation of a wax build-up, or it looks dirty.
  2. Replace the hearing aid tips (domes) as well, when they get dirty.
  3. A wax loop and brush works well to remove the build-up in the sound bore. But do clean it carefully; no jabbing; rather use a gentle scooping motion to loosen the wax.
  4. With a behind the ear hearing aid, the wax can build-up in the tube connecting the hearing aid to the ear mould.
  5. When this happens you can remove the tubing and use a flexible wire to push build-up out of the tube; or an air blower may work well if the wax isn't lodged too tightly in the tube.
  6. An air blower is also a good way to get rid of moisture in the tube.

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