Remote Hearing Aid Programming & Tele-Audiology


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Remote Hearing Aid Programming & Tele-Audiology

Remote Hearing Aid Programming & Tele-Audiology

eHealth and Tele-Health services have been growing in popularity and effectiveness in recent year and are especially needed with the Pandemic threat of Covid 19.

Oticon is one of several leading manufacturers that have done a good job of developing a tele-health system for the hearing care industry.  Their "Remote Care" system enables Oticon's bluetooth compatible hearing aids to be programmed remotely.  A virtual appointment occurs with your Clinician or Audiologist. It uses the Oticon Remote Care App installed on your Apple iPhone. You have live video chat with your clinician whilst your hearing aids are adjusted. The all occurs in 'real time' in your 'real world' communication environment. 

There are substantial benefits to having your hearing aids programmed remotely including:

Real World  & Real Time Programming: Hearing aids can be fined tuned and personalised in your communication environments such as at work or home. After an adjustment you can walk around your home or office and chat with significant others and report immediately to your clinician whether or not it's an improvement to guide further fine tuning.

Convenience & Ease Of Access: You save time, money and effort travelling to the clinic. Instead you can access your Audiologist from where ever and whenever it is convenient. Simply schedule the virtual appointment as you would an “in clinic visit.” Just think no commute time, traffic or parking hassles. Purely time and energy efficient immediate service.

Safe Social Distancing: As all services & products can be delivered remotely it is obviously the safe option with no risky visit to a clinic that has had numerous patients through even if they adhere to rigorous hygiene practices.

Save Money: Apart from saving on commuting to and from clinics the hearing aids & associated accessories offered online are up to many thousands of dollars less expensive than the clinics that have higher overheads to maintain.


- You Need an Apple iPhone

Oticon have developed their “Remote Care”  or "Tele-Audiology" to work through their Remote Care App to be installed on your iPhone. The app is compatible with iPhones from models 5s to Xs as follows:

iPhone X, iPhone 8 Plus, iPhone 8, iPhone 7 Plus, iPhone 7, iPhone SE, iPhone 6s, iPhone 6, iPhone 6 Plus & iPhone 5s.

Our Alternative

We can deliver the in-person appointment at any stage of the rehabilitation process. If you forward your Audiogram this Initial Fitting (Programming) can be performed at our clinics. We will then securely mail you the hearing aids and perform the remote fine tuning during a scheduled virtual appointment. We have also developed our own system of remote programming with all software features unlocked. We care therefore perform a new remote hearing test and run the electronic feedback manager. Ideal if you notice change or have fluctuating hearing levels. (Please contact us to discuss)

Oticon’s Compatible Hearing Aids Models & Styles

To date Oticon’s Remote Care will only work with certain hearing aid models and styles of their range. Models that will work with Remote Care include;

Oticon Opn 1 S mini RITE , Oticon Opn 2 S mini RITE, Oticon Opn 3 mini RITE, Oticon Siya  mini RITE

& Superseded but still excellent: Oticon Opn 1 mini RITE , Oticon Opn 2 mini RITE, Oticon Opn 3 mini RITE, Oticon Siya  mini RITE

The latest miniature behind the ear Oticon hearing aids (mini RITE) that have Bluetooth capability are compatible with Remote care. Also some of the larger custom in the canal models including Oticon Opn ITE (In The Ear) and Oticon Opn ITC (In the Canal) that are large enough to house blue tooth connectivity are also compatible with Remote Care.

As a progressive practice we see the great benefits in incorporating eHealth systems such as Oticon’s Remote Care in our routine practice. We continually strive to improve our clients experience. To ensure you hear as well as possible we utilise the very latest and best technologies.

We believe Oticon have done a great job with developing their form of Tele-Audiology they call “Remote Care”. We appreciate that it is a real time “Synchronous” process with the client. This ensures ‘real time’ & ‘real place’ client and clinician interaction for fine tuning. It also greatly improves accessibility to quality service when it’s needed.